Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic

In recent times almost every turn you make all you see is a debate among great brands. This concept of competition can also be seen in mattress companies. Have you ever considered shopping for a new mattress? If you have you must have realized a very close competition between Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic. It’s amazing how these companies compete for the same customers yet they are very different.

It is important to appreciate that both of these mattresses have advanced in technology over the years with an aim of using innovative measures as a way to improve the sleep industry. They, therefore, offer you various categories of comfort choices. Let’s look at a breakdown of what these companies offer and you can later conclude which one fits your needs.

But as much as they are different, they share a common goal which is to create a conducive sleeping environment for:

  • People with shoulder pains
  • Back problems
  • Neck problems
  • Hot sleepers
  • And other comfort seekers

A Comparison of Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic Mattresses

1. Comfort

A concept to understand when it comes to comfort is, different people will define comfort in different ways. Some aspects that determine comfort in someone include weight, size, height, and sleeping preference. Other things like allergy and sleeping hot could be factors.

Sleep Number has therefore designed its mattresses with the attention of addressing such minor issues. They intend for you to have a peaceful sleep by using air-filled chambers. Their beds have the ability to adjust from a soft surface to a firmer surface with the aid of Sleep Number technology. Even more amazing, the surface change is to the sleeper, such that, you and your partner can be sleeping on different surfaces.

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They provide a variety of series for their mattresses so as to meet the needs of different consumers and their levels. You might have to try out different numbers in the Sleep Number mattresses to find what surface best fits you.

On the other hand, Tempurpedic mattresses have been made out of Tempur products that are highly praised for how they have a memory foam application. Their mattresses line offers all types from a super soft to an extra firm sleeping surface. For the hot sleepers, they offer them a cooling line of mattresses.

2. Materials

Sleep Number mattresses are constructed in a way to offer customized and individualized sleep experience. Foam-layered materials are what the company uses to construct their series of beds. Some mattress versions have inbuilt sensors that connect to an App via Bluetooth to enhance your sleep experience.

Tempurpedic revolutionized the mattress industry with their memory foam material. The material was originally designed for use by NASA in their space programs. The company uses a construction process that is layered. It applies to all of their mattress series. The comfortable top layers are made out of Tempur foam. The Tempur foams are layered upon other base foams or a spring coil system. They have also been innovative enough to introduce a cooling technology to their mattresses.

3. Warranty and Trial

Sleep Number will give you a 25-year warranty on workmanship and material defect under normal use. They will cover all cost of repair for the first two years. After that, there are varying percentages you will have to cater for.

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When it comes to trial, Sleep Number will offer you 100 nights. You will try it at your home and get comfortable. If within the provided 100 days you are not comfortable, you can ask their service department to return it. You will incur the shipping costs.

On the other hand, Tempurpedic offers you a 10-year limited warranty. It will cover workmanship and material defects. On sleep trial, they will offer you 90 nights and if not satisfied you can order for its return. You might have to incur shipping costs.

4. Durability

Sleep number mattresses are technological and mechanical in nature. The chances of something going wrong are slightly high. But the company offers you a limited warranty so it is safe to take a try and use the mattress. Tempurpedic mattresses, on the other hand, have material and workmanship defects only to worry about. But all in all, they have this covered under their warranty.


Before you chose a mattress you should consider your:

  1. Weight
  2. Height
  3. Allergies (if any)
  4. Physical conditions (if any)

When shopping for a mattress you can get easily overwhelmed by what different companies have to offer. If you decide to go with brands, the challenge is neither easy. But if you were to make a decision on Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic you would take a bold approach to make a decision after coming across this comparison. The choice is yours.


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