Best Toddler Travel Bed of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you are searching for a toddler travel bed, you have come to the right article. It is our goal to help teach you about toddler travel beds and what you should look for in these beds to get you’re the best quality that is available on the market.

It is not easy to be able to narrow down your options and you may want to choose your own product based on certain criteria.

To help you out, we have come up with a buyer’s guide that you can take a look at to learn the ins and outs of toddler travel beds. In addition, we have also come up with a list of our picks for the best toddler travel beds on the market so that you can see some of the quality options that are available.







Regalo My Cot



The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed



Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed


Buyer’s Guide:

What kind of a toddler bed is best for travel?

Since you are going to be moving this bed around from place to place it definitely isn’t ideal to have a large full-blown mattress for your toddler.

A foam mattress will take up too much room in your vehicle and it won’t allow you to be able to pack with you other and more important things.

However, comfort is extremely important for a toddler unless you want them to be crying all of the time.

To get the best possible bed for your toddler the first thing that you should do is measure up your toddler for size so that you can pick out a mattress that is going to be long enough and wide enough for them. You may want to add a bit of length for growth as kids definitely grow up fast. 

Important toddler bed safety:

One of, if not the most important thing for a toddler is the safety of the bed. Especially, if you are going to have a bed that is high up in the air, you are going to want to make sure that the bed has some kind of rails in its design in order to make sure that the toddler can’t roll off of the bed while they are sleeping.

If you want to get a bed that just sits on top of the ground, you may still want to consider getting a design that has rails in it. At such a young age it really does not take much to break bones and to hurt yourself quite badly.

To have the best chance of your toddler staying safe and healthy, you will want rails and something they can’t hurt themselves on (in other words nothing that is too hard.) Other than height, there are a few other things that can harm the health of your toddler.

You should always make sure that the products that you buy are free from harmful chemicals and materials such as things like lead and BPA. Taking extra precautions now could save your toddler from a lot of harm years down the road.

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Toddler bed traveling durability:

Since you are going to be moving this bed around a lot, you are going to want to make sure that you get something that is of a durable design.

If you get something like an air mattress that doesn’t come with any patches, it might not be long until the bed pops and you have to order yourself a repair kit for it.

Always look for convenience and look for something that you think is going to last a long time. Generally, the longer the warranty is, the better the quality of the product is.

A long warranty means that the unit is going to be able to last for at least as long as the manufacturer stated and it can also give you some peace of mind with the money that you are spending to buy the toddler bed.

Toddler bed build quality:

There are some things that you should look for in a bed that is a quality design. First of all, you should check that the measurements for the bed are the same as the standard sizes for a regular bed.

This is a problem that people run into more than you might imagine. They buy a bed only to realize that there are no sheets or blankets that are the right size for the unit.

Always make sure that the unit you are purchasing is of a standard size and you won’t run into any problems with it. The next thing that you should look for is that the unit doesn’t squeak or make a lot of noise.

Young people are quite capable of being able to hear high pitch noises and if you get a squeaky bed for your toddler they may not get a whole lot of sleep, which can make for a lot of long days and nights for you.

Toddler bed important accessories to look for:

Depending on the bed that you buy, you are going to want to take a look at what accessories come with the unit in order to make sure that the bed can be setup and ready to use.

If a bed needs support, you should check to see that a supporting mechanism comes with the unit. Always take extra costs into consideration when you are making a purchase as even things like repair kits or felt feet do start to add up in price after some time. Here is a quick list of accessories you should look for:

  •    Air pump
  •    Repair kit
  •    Railings
  •    Platform or feet for the unit
  •    Supports
  •    Carrying bag

Product Reviews:

1. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

If you are looking to get a toddler bed for a moderate price tag, you may want to look at what this unit has to offer. This is a great toddler bed, which allows you to be able to have peace of mind. The unit is designed to be very safe for your toddler and yet it doesn’t sacrifice comfortability or reliability. If you think an air mattress is something that you want to look for in a travel bed, you should see what this unit has to offer.

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  •    The unit has an inflated size of 60x37x9, which is ideal to know so that you can make sure your child will fit on the unit
  •    With your purchase of this bed, you get a carrying case a repair kit as well as an electric air pump, which is ideal for blowing up the bed
  •    The unit is BPA free, phthalate safe and lead-free so that you don’t have to worry about the health of your toddler
  •    The bed has rails on the side of it, which will stop your toddler from rolling off and hurting themselves
  •    The bed is designed to lay directly on the ground and it is low to the ground, which is ideal for people who don’t want to run the risk of their toddler being high up in the air
  •    The bed was made so that it doesn’t squeak, which is ideal for both you and your toddler


  •    The unit is an air mattress so you do run the risk of popping the mattress if you aren’t careful

If you are looking for convenience and safety, this may just be the toddler bed you have been searching for. Although the unit may run the risk of popping thanks to its air-filled design, you will find that this bed is quite comfortable and secure. For your money, it is hard to find a bed that comes with this many accessories and that can offer you such quality. This is definitely a bed to consider if you want to save a bit of money and get something on a moderate budget.

2. Regalo My Cot

If you have a young toddler and you are looking to get something on a very low budget, you may want to take a look at this unit. This is a unit that has a very low price, but that works pretty well anywhere you set it up. Unlike an air mattress, this unit uses a steel construction and a canvas material on the top of the unit so that your toddler can have a sleep anywhere on the go.


  •    The unit comes with a washable sheet and carrying case, which is great for the low price of this product
  •    The unit is made out of a combination of both steel and plastic, which helps it to be quite durable
  •    The bed is capable of folding up and down at an extremely quick speed for easy storage
  •    The unit sits low to the ground so that you don’t have to worry too much about your toddler falling off of it and hurting themselves
  •    The bed is backed by a 90-day limited warranty, which is good for the products low price tag
  •    Made of non-toxic materials so that you don’t have to worry about the long term health of your toddler


  •    The unit is not as comfortable as that of an air mattress or foam design
  •    The foldable parts on this unit can fairly easily result in a pinched finger and should probably be done by an adult as a result
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As long as you aren’t too worried about a pinched finger and you are willing to sacrifice a bit of money in exchange for being able to setup this unit anywhere you want, this may just be an ideal product for you. The low price tag of this toddler bed is extremely appealing and you are not going to be disappointed by the quality of the canvas and the sturdy design that this product has. Definitely an option you should consider.

3. Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

Rather than buying an air mattress or an uncomfortable canvas design, the other option that you may be interested in is a foam design. This product, in particular, is quite comfortable and thanks to its foam design it can fold up or bend to be able to fit in small locations. This product does require a high budget to be able to purchase the unit, but if you are willing to spend some money on a good quality toddler bed, check out this design.


  •    The design is extremely light weight and has not hard parts on it that a toddler could hurt themselves on
  •    The unit can be folded into a bag, which is included with your purchase in order to be able to transport the bed wherever you please
  •    Bumpers around the entire bed will assure that your toddler can’t roll off of it and end up hurting themselves
  •    Measurements for the bed are given so that you can make sure that the design will fit in the areas that you want it to


  •    The unit can’t really be used outside as there are no feet to prevent dirt getting into the materials
  •    The product may be a bit larger than some other toddler beds and will take up more room when transporting the bed

If you are willing to sacrifice some room in your vehicle in exchange for a quality toddler bed, you are not going to be disappointed by what this company has to offer. This is a very nice toddler bed, which allows you to be able to fold up the unit and not have to carry around things like an air pump and a repair kit with you. If a foam design is something that works for you, you should definitely think about this comfortable bed.

To Conclude:

After browsing through this article, we hope that you now feel as though you will be able to purchase a toddler bed. It definitely isn’t easy to narrow down your options, but you will find that some of the criteria we went through will help.

Always make sure that you look at measurements beforehand and if you are unsure of a product you should make sure that you take a look at the warranty so that you can be sure that you are covered. Good luck in your search for a toddler travel bed and hope you get something that your toddler sleeps great on.


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