Best Orthopedic Dog Bed of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you have an older dog or a dog that you want to treat as luxuriously as possible, one of the best things you can do for your dog in terms of comfort is to buy them an orthopedic bed. Beds can do wonders in helping a human to be able to sleep at night and it is no different when you are a dog.

If you want your dog to be more comfortable and less sore the next day, you should definitely look into purchasing one of these beds. Since there are so many options on the market, we have come up with a buyer’s guide as well as a list of our picks for the top orthopedic beds on the market so that you can pick out a quality bed without scavenging the whole internet looking for information.







Furhaven Pet Ultra Plush



PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed



Brindle 4 Inch Solid Memory Foam


How do I know what size of a bed I should buy?

The size of bed you buy is extremely important as it can make a huge difference to both the quality of your dog’s sleep as well as how expensive the bed is. You will find that the majority of beds on the market do have measurements on them, which will allow you to be able to accurately choose the right size for your needs, No matter the dog is large or small.

Rather than guess what size is going to work for your dog, measure your dog from the end of its nose to the start of its tail and find something that is at least as long as your dog is lengthwise.

In addition, you will also want to measure your dog from the floor to the top of its head so that you can get something it can lay on comfortably.

What kind of material should I look for in a dog bed?

Narrowing down the materials that you should look for is difficult, as there are a lot of different materials that dog beds are made from. If you want the best dog bed that has a lot of support in it, you should not look for one that is just as fluffy s possible as this is not going to help support the back and joints of your dog.

The best beds’ on the market are made up of things like memory foam and fur. These types of materials are thicker in design and generally, offer your dog more support resulting in them being able to sleep for a longer period of time without issue. Often times you will find that the company will tell you how thick the foam is that is used in the design of the unit.

Remember that a thicker design is going to last for longer, but you should also look to see whether they use supportive foam or foam that is meant for comfort; as the supportive type of foam is much better at keeping its shape over time.

What do I look for in a dog bed so that it is easy to clean?

If you want a dog bed that is easy to clean because your dog likes to make a mess or it sheds a lot, there are some things that you can look for. There are some units on the market that have waterproof covers in their design, which is ideal for dogs with bladder issues or for puppies in training.

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In addition, you will also come across some designs that have removable covers built into their designs. You should always look to make sure that the dog bed is washing machine and dryer friendly when you are looking at your options and it is always a good idea to consider how thick the material is so that you can get something that isn’t going to be too hot for your dog to sleep on.

Is it important to look for something that is hypoallergenic?

This could be something that you should look for if you keep your dog in the same room as you when you go to sleep at night. However, if you just have your dog in another room or a corner somewhere this option may not be quite as important for you, even if you have allergies.

Sure a hypoallergenic device may help to decrease the number of dust mites in the air, but you will likely pay a higher price for a dog bed with this feature and you will have to decide if this is worth the extra cost.

What should I look for in terms of a warranty on a dog bed?

One thing that you may notice when it comes to dog bed warranties is that the manufacturer generally doesn’t cover when the dog destroys the bed. For this reason, it may be a good idea to look to see what the warranty does really cover and you should also definitely take under consideration unit durability when you are deciding which bed you should purchase.

Obviously, it is good to have a long warranty on a dog bed or any sort of product for that matter, but what is really more important is what the warranty actually covers as this will decide whether you will be forking up money for a new bed or making a claim on your warranty.

1. Furhaven Pet Ultra Plush

If you are looking to get a bed for a cheap price tag, but don’t want to sacrifice too much in order to get one, you should make sure you thoroughly look at this option.

This is a very nice dog bed that comes in four different sizes to suit your needs. The bed comes in six different design options and you can pick one that suits the looks of your household with relative ease, which is very good for the price of the unit.


  •    The unit has a zipper cover design, which is extremely convenient to take on and off as you need
  •    The unit uses a fur design, which is quite durable and supportive
  •    The bed comes in a small, medium, large as well as a jumbo size
  •    The cover on the unit is water resistant to help resist any accidents that your dog has
  •    The cover for this product is machine washable, which is ideal for keeping everything nice and clean
  •    The dimensions for the size of each of the beds are given, which is great for making sure that you buy the proper size
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  •    The dimensions for the foam of the unit are not given

As long as the thickness of the foam in the design is not your primary concern, this is definitely a low priced bed worth considering. This bed is designed to make things as easy for you as possible thanks to the easy to wash and easy to move design of the unit.

The fur is definitely comfortable for your dog and it isn’t so warm that your dog is going to have a hard time sleeping on the bed. This is definitely a bed to consider if you are on a low budget.

2. Brindle 4 Inch Solid Memory Foam

If you have a medium size budget for a dog bed and you want to get something that offers quality, you may be interested in what this unit has to offer.

This product comes in three different size options and you can even choose from three different colors so that you can get something that appeals to you. This is definitely a quality design as it is waterproof rather than water resistant and it also does a great job in supporting your dog allowing it to be able to sleep more comfortably.


  •    This unit has a cover on it, which can easily be removed and washed in the washing machine as you need
  •    The cover on the unit is waterproof, which is ideal for young dogs or ones with bladder issues
  •    The unit has four inches of foam including 2 inches of comfort foam and two inches of support foam
  •    The cover uses a zipper design, which makes is ideal for convenience purposes
  •    Hypoallergenic design of this product is ideal if it is in the same room as you
  •    The dimensions for each size of the dog bed are given so that you can make sure you buy the proper size the first time around
  •    The unit comes with a three-year warranty, which is ideal for peace of mind


  •    If you have a really large or really small dog, you may want more sizes than what this company has to offer

If you are okay with spending some more money on a bed in order to get a decent three-year warranty and a quality design, you should look into this product further. The bed offers a very comfortable design sporting a total of four inches of foam. There aren’t a ton of waterproof designs on the market, but this is one of the good ones available.

As long as you like the colors that this unit comes in and you can find a design that fits the size of your dog, you are going to be extremely happy if your purchase one of these beds and so will your precious dog.

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3. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed

If you have a really high budget for a bed and want to get one of the best beds available on the market, you should look at this design. The design comes in four different size options and a couple of different colors that you can choose from.

The design packs in an easy to clean design as well as something that is extremely comfortable for your dog to lay on for extended periods of time. This unit is water resistant and it is definitely one that you should consider if you have a high budget.


  •    The cover on this unit is removable allowing you to be able to wash the unit as you need
  •     The fabric on this product isn’t very thick allowing you to be able to remove hair from the product with ease
  •     The unit is easy to put together thanks to a zipper design
  •    The use of cotton as well as polyester material allow this to be a very durable, but comfortable design for your dog
  •    The bottom of this product is built to be non-skid so that your dog doesn’t drag it across the room
  •    The designs are built to be able to hold heavyweight dogs so that you don’t have to worry about the foam in the unit not holding up
  •    A solid four inches of foam are used in the design
  •    You can buy replacement covers for this unit separately if you or your dog happen to tear one


  •    The price of this dog bed is definitely steep and may be out of your budget range

With the ability to be able to replace the cover of this unit, it is hard to beat this design. There are not many dog beds on the market that are built so that you can replace parts on them to make them like new again, but this bed is great if you want something that will last for long term use.

If you want something that will be comfortable for your pet long term and that is capable of being cleaned with ease, you should definitely check out this comfortable bed.

To Conclude:

If you don’t have an orthopedic bed for your dog and you want your dog to be more comfortable, you should definitely make sure that you consider one.

These beds really do help your dog be able to sleep at night and you may even find that your dog wakes you up less during the night to go out to the washroom or just in general. A good night sleep always makes for a happier dog and a proper bed can really help.

Hope that you consider purchasing one of these for your pooch and that it turns out to help with some of your dog’s issues.


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