Best Folding Away & Rollaway Bed of 2018

If you move things around in your house a lot or if you just want a bed that is easy to store and moves around as you need, you may want to see if you can find one of these types of beds.

Having a roller on the bottom of a bed or the ability to be able to fold up a bed really helps to open up space in a room and will allow you to be able to have a more open and enjoyable living space.

To help you be able to choose the right bed for your living space, we have created a buyer’s guide as well as a list of product reviews so that you can see some of the many quality options that are available on the market.







iBED Hideaway Guest Bed



Milliard Premium Folding Bed



Zinus Sleep Master


Buyer’s Guide:

How thin should I expect a folding away/ rollaway bed to store?

This really depends on just how comfortable you want the unit to be. The thicker the unit is the more comfortable it is likely to be as there will be more foam underneath the person using the bed resulting in them being able to have a more comfortable sleep.

Generally, you are going to find that at the least mattresses are about two inches thick and when folded up you can expect them to be anywhere from 5-10 inches thick. If you are specifically hoping to get a bed that can roll up and be stored in a specific location it never hurts to take some measurements beforehand so that you can be sure that everything will work out.

How long should it take the best folding away bed to unfold?

The best bed’s that are on the market should not only take very minimal effort to unfold, but they should also take almost no time to do so.

The better the setup is for a unit, you are also going to notice things like levers or handles in place so that you don’t accidentally pinch your fingers somewhere when you are in the middle of folding up a bed.

Always be on the lookout for things like loose springs or brackets when you are folding, as most units will have these on the exterior of the unit and well within areas that your fingers could end up.

How easy is the best folding bed to setup out of the box?

This should be a major deciding factor for you as it could potentially save you hours of puzzling the bed together.

Some units are much harder than others to put together and without knowing what to look for in product descriptions, it can be hard to tell what to look for. If you want to avoid the struggles of piecing together a unit for hours on end, you should look to see if there is some kind of a parts list in with the rest of the bed somewhere.

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The fewer parts there are, generally, the easier it is going to be to be able to put a unit back together. If there are things like screws that come with the design this is a tell-tale sign of the unit potentially being difficult to put together and this may be something that you may want to avoid.

Should I get something that is purely a folding away design or should I go for something rollaway as well?

If you want to get the best unit on the market ideally you would spend the extra money and pick up something that is both foldable and that rolls.

However, if you have a lower budget and don’t think that you can afford both of these features in a unit, we will go over why you may not need wheels on a unit. Sure, a foldaway unit may be heavy and a pain to move around without having wheels, but it is going to cost you more to pick up a unit that has wheels in its design.

If you aren’t planning on moving around the unit a ton, it is likely that you can get away without wheels on a unit. Generally, so long as you put a blanket or something underneath you should be able to move the unit around relatively easy so this is something that you could consider.

What kind of a warranty should I expect to get in a folding away/ rollaway bed?

If you want to get one of the best options on the market, you should expect to find a unit that has some kind of a warranty that comes with it.

The longer the warranty is, the longer you can have some peace of mind with your purchase of the unit. If you spend more money on a bed it is likely that you are going to find that the bed has a longer warranty that comes with it.

It can be hard to narrow down your options based on warranty alone as most beds only come with a limited warranty on them as short as one year in length or less.

If you are looking for a good warranty, you should instead see if you can find something that has a trial period where the manufacturer allows you to return the unit if you are not happy with your purchase. This is the best way to test out a bed risk-free and is something that you should consider.

Product Reviews:

1. iBED Hideaway Guest Bed

If you are on a really low budget and need a foldaway bed it is hard to beat the price tag of this unit. It is hard to come across a bed that is this foldable in the marketplace and such a lightweight design that you don’t need wheels in order to be able to move the bed around from place to place. The bed is a white colored design, but you can choose between four different options at the checkout to do things like get sheets for the unit or even pick up one of these units that have wheels to make moving it around even easier.

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  •    The unit has a two-inch memory foam design, which is quite comfortable even though it is extremely thin
  •    The bed can unfold in seconds and there is no assembly required out of the box, which is ideal
  •    The unit is supported by a spring design, which is much more comfortable than having to lie on top of bars
  •    The unit is made out of a tubular steel design, which is more than capable of being able to support the unit for a very long time
  •    The unit is made from durable nylon material, which is ideal for long term bed use


  •    The unit definitely does not look like a permanent room fixture and you will likely want to store the unit after each use

So long as you are looking for a bed that you can pop up sometimes when you have guests over and put away afterward, you are going to like what this bed has to offer. The lightweight design of this unit combined with the fact you can get this bed on wheels makes this a bed that could work for everyone. The unit may not have the most eye appealing design, but it is a foldaway bed and the low price tag definitely appeals to a lot of people. If you want to save some money on a unit and don’t care about looks, you may want to consider picking up this design.

2. Milliard Premium Folding Bed

If you have a moderate to a high budget for a bed and want to pick up something that is nice and sturdy and easy to move around, you may want to take a good look at what this unit has to offer. This is a great fold up bed that comes with screw in wheels in order to allow you to be able to easily move the bed around. The unit is made out of high-quality durable materials and if you can afford this unit, it is unlikely that you are going to be disappointed with the design.


  •    The metal bed frame has double reinforced stabilizer bars, which is ideal in terms of stability for the unit
  •    The bed has a removable cover on it, which will help allow you to be able to protect the mattress
  •    Adjustable buckle on the unit will keep the bed secure when it is folded up and allows you to easily be able to unfold the bed whenever you please
  •    The unit is designed to have minimal assembly, you only have to attach the wheels to this product and you are good to go
  •    The unit is 12 inches thick when the product is folded, which is not horrible in terms of storage space


  •    The moderate to high price of this product may be out of reach for some people
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So long as you have a higher budget range and are willing to spend some extra money on a quality bed, you should make sure you check out this design. This is a bed that looks good, but that is also comfortable to sleep on. The bed is extremely easy to setup and assemble and if you are looking for a balance of convenience and comfort, this may just be the bed that you have been searching for.

3. Zinus Sleep Master

If you want a folding guest bed that actually looks just like a real bed, unfortunately, you are going to have to pay the price for it. However, if you are willing to fork out the extra money for something that is of a high quality, you are going to love this unit. This bed is designed to look like a box spring and mattress set and is made out of quality materials so that this unit can last you for a very long time.


  •    The bed has a solid steel frame on it, which is foldable and easy to use
  •    The unit has a five-inch mattress, which contains an inch of memory foam and four inches of supportive foam
  •    The bed uses high-quality foam, which is certified for durability and performance
  •    The unit opens up into a twin size bed, which is 38 x 75 x 19 inches
  •    A one-year limited warranty comes with your purchase of this bed, which is not bad considering the thickness of the mattress
  •    Strap and hook come with the unit so that the unit does not become unfolded when it is in storage


  •    The unit is much larger than some other foldable designs on the market

So long as you don’t mind losing some of your storage space in order to get a bed that is of a high quality, you should make sure that you take a look at this design. This is a unit that is designed to be able to last for a long time and one that you should consider if you want to offer your guests a really comfortable sleep on a sturdy bed. The unit may have a high price tag, but it is hard to beat the quality that is offered from this manufacturer. This is truly a bed that is eye appealing and one that looks as though it is not really a folding away/ rollaway design.

To Conclude:

We hope that our article has helped you to be able to see what sorts of options are available in the marketplace. There are a ton of varieties and styles to choose from and without any criteria, it can definitely be hard to narrow down your options. The quicker and easier it is to be able to store your bed, the better. We wish you all the best in finding yourself a new folding away/ rollaway bed and hope that you get something that is both comfortable and that lasts you for a long time.


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