Best Elevated Dog Bed of 2018 & Buying Guide

There are a ton of advantages to getting your dog an elevated bed compared to a fluffy one that sits on the ground. These types of beds are going to be much more difficult for your dog to chew through as they are made of much more durable materials. The beds offer very good support for dogs and are more than capable of providing the support that your dog needs to be able to sleep properly.

There are a lot of these types of beds available on the market today due to just how nice they are. To help you be able to purchase a better bed for your dog, we have come up with a buyer’s guide as well as a list of our picks for the top elevated dog beds available.







Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed



K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot



AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed


What kind of material should I look for in an elevated pet bed?

For this kind of a pet bed, you are going to notice that the center is going to be made of a light fabric. Generally speaking, you are going to find that beds are made from a mesh-like fabric that is weaved together.

This type of fabric is the ideal fabric for a dog to sleep on as a result of them already having a thick coat of fur to keep them warm. When dogs sleep in fleece coated beds you will often catch them panting as a result of being too hot, but not with this type of bed as it allows the dog to stay much cooler.

Is size important for an elevated bed?

Size is probably the most important factor to consider when looking at an elevated bed as it is going to be extremely uncomfortable for a dog to lay partially on a bed that his up in the air.

In addition, you are also going to want to consider what the height of the bed is, especially if you have a puppy or an older dog who may not be able to jump up high distances.

You will find that most manufacturers will include the measurements for their products in their product descriptions, so just make sure you measure your dog before picking out a bed size for it.

What kind of frame should I look for in an elevated dog bed?

If you want to make sure that you are getting a quality bed, you are going to want to check to make sure that you also are getting a quality, supportive frame. You will likely want to look for something that is a metal design around the entire duration of the unit.

Especially if you have a dog that likes to chew things, you are going to want to make sure that the frame is surrounding the whole outside of the fabric so that the bed is as durable as possible and is an anti-chew design.

Depending on if you plan to put the bed inside or outside, you may also want to check to see if the metal sports a powder coated design as this will allow it to be able to hold up in the weather for longer periods of time.

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Can you find ones that are environmentally friendly?

Amazingly, this is generally one of the most environmentally friendly types of dog beds available on the market. These designs are often made from recycled materials and are often certified by GREENGUARD, which is a good indication as to whether a product is environmentally responsible.

How do I know which style I should choose?

With so many different color options available for the best dog beds it can definitely be difficult to narrow down your options. You should never solely base your opinion of a unit on the color that it comes in, but if possible it may be a good idea to think about the room that you will be placing the unit in so that you can see if it matches color wise.

Generally, you will find that most manufacturers make several color options for the elevated beds that they sell, but just be aware of price differences between the units as this sometimes does occur for products that are in different colors.

How important are the feet of the unit?

Especially if you have hardwood floors, the feet of a unit are extremely important. If you get feet that aren’t anti-slide, you may end up with scratched floors or streaks on your floors. You definitely don’t want to buy a unit that has a metal bottom as this can do some major damage to your floors.

Always make sure that the units you are looking at have at least four feet or a rubber coating on the bottom to make sure that your floors are going to be okay.

How important is it that the bed can be washed?

Even though this is a fabric weave design, you are still going to want to wash this bed. Dog’s pick up all kinds of dirt and potentially bugs when they are out and about and if you want your house to be sanitary, you are going to want to make sure that you keep this bed nice and clean. certainly, it would be better if you had a bottle of bug spray.

Due to the mesh design, you will often find that these beds aren’t machine washable, but as long as you can spray them down you shouldn’t have a problem with these beds.

1. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

If you are looking to make sure that you get a quality elevated bed for your dog, you are going to like what this unit has to offer. This is a high-quality dog bed that comes in four different sizes, ideal for a variety of sizes of dogs. This unit is designed so that it assembles in a matter of minutes and so that it provides quality support for your dog use after use.


  •    The bed is made out of breathable polyethylene, which is quite durable
  •    Polyethylene helps to get rid of hot spots caused from laying in one spot for an extended period of time
  •    The unit is easy to wash and therefore easy to maintain as well
  •    The design is lightweight, which makes is ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor use according to your needs
  •    You can choose from one of five different color designs to find something that appeals to you
  •    The unit is made from 100 percent recycled fabric, which is great news for the environment
  •    GREENGUARD certified
  •    Powder coated steel is great at protecting the unit in harsh weather conditions and helps to prevent rust and corrosion
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  •    The very corners of this unit are vulnerable to chewing if your dog really likes to chew on things

As long as you don’t have a dog that likes to chew everything in sight, you are likely going to have a whole lot of success with this elevated dog bed. This is definitely a quality unit even though it has a fairly low price tag.

The product comes in almost every size that you could possibly need when in stock and it is definitely a comfortable product that your dog will enjoy if you decide to purchase it.

2. K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

If you have a dog that has some bladder issues, you may want to look for something that sports a waterproof design. This is a unit that you should take a look at as it is both waterproof and has been tested and proved to be both durable and sturdy. The product comes in four different sizes as well as two different colors so that you can get something that appeals to you.


  •    The bed comes in a chocolate as well as a gray mesh design
  •    The product comes with a one-year warranty, which is not bad for a dog bed
  •    The unit has a mesh fabric center, which is supported by as more durable exterior fabric design
  •    600 denier fabric is quite durable and allows a heavier dog to be able to use the unit with ease
  •    Ideal for cleaning thanks to its waterproof design
  •    Made from a quality manufacturer that has a huge line of pet products that you can choose from if you are interested
  •    Rubber feet design is anti-skid and will not mark up your precious floors


  •    The unit does not come with a lot of color options, which is not ideal if you have some major color preferences

If you are okay with one of the two colors that this unit comes in, you are not going to be disappointed with the product that you get if you buy this unit.

This is an awesome bed sporting a unique waterproof design and one that sports quality rubber feet as well. If you want to get a bed that is extremely comfortable for your bed, but also one that is easy to clean and maintain, you should make sure that you check out this design.

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3. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

If you are looking to get an elevated bed and you are on a bit of a budget, you should maybe check out what this design is all about. The unit comes in three different sizes and sits more than 7 inches off of the ground, which provides good air flow and cooling for your dog. Each of the products for sale has their measurements included within their product specifications, which is ideal for fitting the bed into a particular spot in your household.


  •    This unit is fairly simple to put together and the screws and tools needed are included with your purchase
  •    The unit can hold 150 lbs in the largest size, meaning you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with a larger dog
  •    The unit is easy to wash and the fabric can actually be machine washed if you desire
  •    The design has four feet and each has rubber feet so that your floor doesn’t get scratched from the use of the dog bed
  •    The bed is lightweight in design, which makes it easy to take inside and outside according to your needs
  •    A one year warranty comes with the unit to give you some peace of mind with your purchase


  •    Does not come pre-assembled, you will have to put the product together yourself using the manual
  •    Unfortunately, this unit only comes in a green fabric design, which is not ideal if you want to match the color of the bed to the room that you are placing the product in

As long as you don’t mind doing a bit of labor to be able to put this bed together, you are going to like the product that you create. This is a very high-quality dog bed that is more than capable of being able to be used by small, medium and large dogs.

This bed is very easy to move around according to your needs and you are definitely not going to have a hard time cleaning this design thanks to its machine washable design.

This is definitely a unit that you should consider if you want to save some money, but still, want to make sure that you purchase a quality elevated dog bed for your dog.

To Conclude:

There are a ton of benefits to buying an elevated bed for your dog. These beds are much more convenient to maintain and your dog is going to be able to have more support while sleeping on one of these units compared to that of a foam filled design.

By no means is it easy to choose a proper bed for your dog so make sure that you follow the tips we have provided and take a look at a variety of beds on the market so that you can purchase a high-quality unit.

We wish you good luck in finding a new dog bed and hope that your dog loves the one that you pick out.


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