Best Cat Beds of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you have a cat, you may want to consider buying a bed for it to sleep on. The best thing about a cat bed is that it helps to keep things like cat fur all in one place rather than all over your house.

Although your cat may shed in other areas of your home, you are going to find that having a bed will help to keep the rest of your house cleaner.

Cat beds are easy to clean and also help to keep your cat happy and healthy. Since cat beds do so much for helping both you and your cat, we thought we would create a cat bed buyer’s guide as well as a list of our picks for the best cat beds on the market.







MidWest Deluxe Bolster



Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed



DIY Do It Yourself Pet Pillow


Buyer’s Guide:

How do I know what size of cat bed I should purchase?

If you want to get the best cat bed, you are going to have to make sure that the bed is large enough to be able to support your whole cat.

If you aren’t sure what size you need it never hurts to get out a tape measure and take a quick measurement of the length and height of your cat.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a bed that allows your cat to fully stretch out its tail, but if you want something that is going to be comfortable for your cat you should get something that is at least as long as your cats head to the start of its tail.

How do I know what style/ design of cat bed I should purchase?

If you want to get the best possible cat bed, you should try to get something that matches the room or the furniture of the room that you are going to be placing the bed in.

It can be hard to find matching colors, but if you can get something that is the same shade whether it be light or dark, you are normally going to find that the bed doesn’t look out of position.

When you are deciding on the style of the bed, you are also going to want to think about how much floor space/ room space you have available as some beds are definitely larger than other ones.

What is the best way to choose a cat bed that is easy to maintain?

If you want to make sure that you are getting a cat bed that is easy to maintain, you should check to see if the unit is machine washable.

Depending on the unit that you are purchasing, you may find that the bed actually has a cover on the top of the unit that is washable rather than the unit itself.

Another thing that you can look for in terms of the bed being as maintenance free as possible is a long warranty on the product. The longer the warranty is for the product, the lower the chance of the product breaking down will be over time.

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If you get a good quality product from an established company, you won’t have to deal with defects on your own and instead can count on the company to help you out.

What sorts of materials are the best for cat beds?

If you want your cat to be as comfortable as possible, you should look for a unit that has a soft fleece design and a solid foam base.

Fleece is a material that will help to make your cat warm while it is sleeping and will act almost like a blanket would for a human. If you are looking at different types of foam, you are generally going to find cat beds come with either a shredded foam design, memory foam or a regular foam design.

The higher the price that you pay for a unit the more you should expect to get a bed that is made out of a higher caliber of foam. Shredded is top of the line followed by a memory foam design than a regular foam design.

How do I know that my cat won’t chew through the bed?

If you have a cat that likes to chew on things, it is going to make it a bit more difficult to be able to pick out a bed for it.

You should always take a look through manufacturer specifications and see if you can find something that offers a chew-proof design.

Generally, all beds will somewhat chew proof, but some of them are definitely more effective than others. Depending on how much your cat likes to chew and scratch things, you may want to look carefully for this under the specs for a product so that the bed can last you for a long period of time.

What kind of a warranty should I expect to get for a quality cat bed?

If you get a high-end cat bed and pay a higher price tag in order to purchase one, you should expect that the materials that are used in the design of the unit will last you for a good length of time.

It can be hard to pick out an exact time frame that a cat bed should last for as foam does tend to wear down over time. You should at least expect the unit to be able to last anywhere from 6 months to a year before the bed starts to have some kind of breakdown.

Product Reviews:

1. Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

If you are looking to spend a medium sized budget on a cat bed and want something that comes in a range of sizes when in stock, you should check this bed out. This is a really nice cat bed that comes in a round, rectangular and pillow furry design. This is the perfect design to keep your cat warm and comfortable and thanks to the multiple sizes the bed comes in, the design is able to fit in almost any space that you need the bed to be located in.

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  •    This unit incorporates a self-warming method, which is ideal for making sure that your pet is warm and comfortable
  •    The unit does not use electricity and only uses the pet’s own body heat to warm up the unit
  •    The design is built to be able to fit cats of all sizes and breeds
  •     The bottom of this unit is a non-skid design which means that is won’t be sliding all over your floor
  •    The cat bed has a really low price tag, which is ideal for saving money


  •    This unit is not a chew-proof design and if you have a cat that likes to chew things, you may want to avoid purchasing this design
  •    The unit only comes in one color option, which is not ideal if you want to try to match colors with the room that you are locating the bed in

As long as the color of this unit works for you and the fact that this isn’t a chew-proof design isn’t an issue, you are going to love the comfort that this bed possesses. This unit is capable of lasting your cat for a long time thanks to its thick foam design. Your cat will love the warmth that this bed provides and you will love the fact that this bed doesn’t even up your electricity bill. This is a great unit if you have a moderate budget for a bed and want to give your cat a quality sleeping experience.

2. MidWest Deluxe Bolster

If you want to save money on a bed and get something that is of a cheap design, you may want to consider purchasing this bed. This bed comes in a huge array of color and size options, which will allow you to be able to support almost any size of a cat. The largest of these beds is actually big enough to be able to support more than one animal on top of the unit and therefore this is a bed that really appeals to a broad amount of people.


  •    The unit comes in five different color options at the checkout so that you can get something that appeals to your personal tastes
  •     The unit has weight recommendations for its various bed sizes so that you can accurately pick up the size of bed that is appropriate for your cat
  •    The unit is easy to maintain as it can go in both the dryer as well as the washing machine
  •    The unit comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, which is awesome for the price tag of this product and can definitely give you some peace of mind with something that is this cheap to purchase
  •    The unit is easy to fold up, which makes it a great bed for travel and use during transportation
  •    Measurements for this bed are given so that you can make sure you are picking up something that is an appropriate size


  •    Over time, the foam design may start to lose some of its fluffiness in this bed
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As long as you want something that is a low budget range and something that you don’t expect to last forever, you should make sure you look at what this bed has to offer. This is an awesome budget cat bed that is capable of keeping your cat warm and matching the color scheme and size that you need. The one year warranty really helps to give you peace of mind when buying something for this low of a price as it helps to prove that this is actually a quality built product that you can trust.

3. DIY Do It Yourself Pet Pillow

If you have some old pillows lying around the house or even something like old blankets, you may be interested in making a DIY pet bed for your cat. This is a really nice chew resistant case that is available in a ton of different colors and two different sizes. The best part about this bed is that even if the foam inside of the unit starts to sink over time, you can just top the unit up on your own allowing your cat to be able to stay comfortable for many periods of sleep to come.


  •    The unit has a waterproof internal cover, which is ideal if your cat has bladder issues
  •    The unit is easy to pack and can be filled with any material that you choose
  •    The cover can be washed, which is ideal if you have a messy cat
  •    The measurements for each of the case sizes are given so that you can pick out which size you need


  •    You will have to find your own source of stuffing to be able to use this product

As long as you don’t mind self-stuffing your cat’s pet bed, you are going to be really pleased by what this cover has to offer. This is an ideal cover for a cat that is a bit on the older side and has bladder issues. However, this is also a bed that works for a more energetic cat as it does support a chew resistant design. This is definitely a bed that you should consider if you can afford the steeper price tag that this bed has.

To Conclude:

We hope this article has helped you to be able to learn about the best cat beds on the market. It is our hope that you will be able to pick out a great bed for your cat as a result of reading this article. There are so many options on the market today and you can find cat beds made out of all sorts of different materials. Always think of the comfort of your cat first and foremost and try and set a budget for yourself that works within your own financial means. Best of luck in your quest to find a great cat bed and hope that your cat enjoys it!


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