Best Bedding for Bearded Dragon of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you want to make your bearded dragons feel like that they are at home, you will want to make sure that you purchase them high-quality bedding. The better quality the bedding is in a bearded dragon tank, the more comfortable your bearded dragons will be, which will result in them being able to live long and healthy lives.

To help you to be able to provide a quality lifestyle for your bearded dragon, we have come up with a buyer’s guide for the best bedding available as well as a list of our picks for the best bedding for bearded dragons that is available on the market.







Zoo Med Repti Bark



Zoo Med Forest Floor



Reptichip Premium Coconut Bedding


Buyer’s Guide:

What kind of a price should I expect to pay in order to pick up some quality bedding?

The nice thing about bearded dragon bedding is that it is relatively cheap. The more you buy, you are generally going to find that the price of the product is going to be lower.

You should always take the size of the bag into account when you are deciding how expensive a product is and do some math if you want to compare prices.

Generally, bedding is sold by the quart. If you take the total number of quarts and divide by the number of quarts in the package to get one quart.

Simply divide the price of the product by the number of quarts in the package and you will be able to see the cost for one quart, which makes it super easy to be able to compare pricing between different brands and products on the market.

What size of bedding package should I get for my bearded dragon?

This depends both on the size of your tank as well as the number of lizards that you have in your tank.

The more lizards that you have in your tank, the more you are going to have to replace the bedding on the interior.

It is important to make sure that you get a large enough package that the package can cover the entire floor of the bottom of the terrarium so that the lizard can stay as comfortable as possible and feel as natural as possible while inside of the tank.

Is it important that the bedding does not produce dust?

Dust may not bother you at all if you are not allergic to it. However, it is important to be aware that by buying a product that is dusty, you are not just breathing in the dust if you happen to breathe in the air.

Harmful bacteria from your reptile’s excrement such as E-coli can travel on dust particles and it is never good to breathe in that kind of stuff.

If you want to remain healthy and provide the best possible living area for both you and your reptiles it never hurts to at least attempt to find something that is of a dust free design as there are lots of options that are available in the marketplace and they should not be too hard to come across.

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Is humidity important and something that I should consider when choosing what bedding I should purchase?

When reptiles live in their natural environment they like to live in humid areas. They are used to the heat and living in the heat is the most natural for them. In your search for the best bedding for your bearded dragon, it is likely that you are going to come across some bedding that is better at absorbing humidity than other products on the market.

The only problem that you are going to find is that the company generally does not give any kind of a rating to the amount of humidity that the bedding can absorb so it can be hard to determine which the best kind is.

It is best to look at the materials that are used in the product in order to get a better grasp as to whether it is a material known for absorbing water. You will come across things like coconuts, wood and even things like bark in your search.

Should I attempt to find a bedding that is of an organic design?

If you want to be good for the environment and buy something that is safe for your lizard it is always best to try and find something that is of an organic design.

You wouldn’t want your pet to be inhaling toxic fumes all of the time and so it is always best to stay away from unnatural and man-made products.

There are plenty of organic designs available in the market and it is not hard to find ones that are in a large enough size to be able to fill your entire terrarium.

Should I look for something that has odor absorbing properties?

If you want to get a quality reptile bedding product, you should definitely have a look to see if you can find a product that has odor absorbing capabilities.

Different products are rated to be able to absorb odors better than others so this is something that you will definitely want to take a look at. Generally, you should see if you can find if the product needs to be replaced within a certain length of time as this is a good indication of how good of an odor absorber the product actually is.

Product Reviews:

1. Reptichip Premium Coconut Bedding

If you are looking to pick up a large amount of quality bedding for a low budget price, you should make sure that you have a good look at what this manufacturer offers. This is a product that is known to be a high-quality coconut bedding and it comes in a massive size, which is great if you have a lot of reptiles or if you just want to buy bedding once and have it last you for a long time.


  •    This product is known for having great odor absorbing capabilities
  •    The product is pretty good at retaining humidity, which is ideal for making a terrarium seem like home for your bearded dragon
  •    The design is dust free, which is ideal for allergies and for the good of your own health
  •    The product is a 100 percent organic so that you don’t have to worry about the health and well-being of your pet
  •    The bedding is designed so that it can be easily cleaned and so that reptiles can hide in it, which makes for a much more natural environment
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  •    You get a large portion of bedding with your purchase and this may be too much bedding for some people

If you want a large portion of bedding for a low budget cost, you are going to love what this product has to offer. With your purchase, you get a large 72-quart package of bedding, which is capable of being able to last you for an extremely long time if you don’t have many lizards to take care of. This is a bedding that you can trust thanks to its 100 percent organic makeup and zero dust design. It really is hard to go wrong if you choose to purchase this bedding unless you really don’t want to have a ton of extra bedding lying around in your home.

2. Zoo Med Repti Bark

If you are interested in picking up some premium bedding for your reptile, you may be interested in what this manufacturer brings to the table. You can pick up their product in an 8 quart as well as a 24-quart design to suit your needs. This is ideal if you want a lot of bedding or if you just want to buy one bag and be done with it. The higher budget price of this bedding is somewhat helped by the fact that this is a reusable design if you choose.


  •    This product is designed to be all natural and green, which is great for the environment
  •    The bedding is designed to be able to last for as long as one year if you decide to buy the bigger bag of bedding
  •    The unit has a high rate of absorbency, which is ideal for odors and keeping the tank humid, just how it should be
  •    Thanks to re-usable capabilities this is a product that is great if you want to save some money over the long term


  •    Some people may not like the idea of re-using bedding
  •    The unit does have a high initial price tag, which could definitely turn some people off of purchasing the unit

If you have a high budget and the idea of re-useable bedding does not gross you out, you may just want to consider purchasing this product. This is a really nice bedding that helps to mimic a real life environment for your bearded dragons. It is nice that the bag comes in an 8 quart as well as a 24-quart size option so that you can pick up something that works for your needs. This is definitely a premium bedding, but if you want the best of the best for your reptiles, you may want to consider picking this one up.

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3. Zoo Med Forest Floor

If you have a moderate budget for a bedding for your bearded dragons, you may think that this is the bedding for you. This bedding comes in four different size options, which makes it ideal regardless of the size of tank you keep your lizard or lizards in. The mulch design of this bedding is comfortable for your lizards and helps to make them feel like they are living in a natural environment.


  •    The unit comes available in an 8L, four quarts, 8 quarts as well as a 24-quart design
  •    The product is designed to be a 100 percent natural mulch press so that you can have peace of mind putting it in with your bearded dragon
  •    One nice thing about this bedding is that it works for other terrarium species such as frogs, snakes, lizards and even things like spiders
  •    The moderate price tag of this bedding is definitely something that appeals to a lot of people
  •    High humidity absorption is something that your bearded dragons are going to love in this mulch design
  •    Small enough mulch that this bedding lays flat on the bottom of the tank allowing your lizards to easily be able to spot prey such as crickets in their tanks


  •    The largest size is 24 quarts, which is not really an ideal size for something like a commercial business

As long as you don’t need to purchase your bearded dragon bedding in a massive bulk size, you are going to like what this bedding has to offer. Your bearded dragons will love how comfortable this bedding is to run around on as well as the fact that this bedding makes it fairly easy for them to hide if they desire. With the five sizes, this unit comes in it makes this bedding ideal for almost any household situation. You truly can have peace of mind if you decide to pick up this design thanks to the organic design and the proven track record of success that the company has with this product. If a moderate budget range bearded dragon bedding is something that interests you, you should make sure that you carefully consider this product before spending your money.

To Conclude:

After browsing through this article, we hope you now think you have a better grasp on what kind of bedding you should look for to provide optimal living standards for your bearded dragons. Lizards are not the easiest animals to take care of, but it can become a bit easier if you buy quality bedding as this does help to lower the maintenance on these animals. Best of luck in your search for bearded dragon bedding and we hope that you end up with something that is high quality and something that your bearded dragons love!


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