Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you need to get a new bed frame and you are a heavy person or the person you are buying the bed for is a bit heavier, you are going to want to find something that offers good support. Different models on the market are cheaper than others and they also offer different levels of support, resulting in different levels of comfort.

To assist you in being able to find a good quality frame for your bed we have narrowed down our picks for the top best bed frame’s for a heavy person on the market and we have also created a buyer’s guide allowing you to be able to have some criteria to narrow down all of the options that are available to you.







Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame



Olee Sleep Bed Frame



Brooklyn Bedding Frame


What size of frame do I need to get?

The size of the frame that you need to buy solely depends on the mattress size that you are putting on top of the frame. The larger the bed you buy, the larger the frame needs to be in order to support the unit.

Luckily, mattresses and frames are all marked with what size they are and all you have to do is match up the two sizes in order to be able to find something that works properly together.

How many points of contact to the floor should I look for?

When you are looking to find a frame for a heavier person, the more points of contact to the floor, the more stable the mattress is going to be. However, the location of the points of contact is just as important. If there are no points of contact under the middle of the mattress, the mattress is going to sag over time at these points.

To get the best mattress frame on the market make sure that you look for lots of contact points spread out throughout the whole bottom of the unit as this will allow the bed to be able to take on the most amount of weight.

What kind of a warranty is reasonable for a bed frame?

A bed frame is a product that is not replaced very often at all as they are usually made from some extremely durable materials. If you want to get a quality unit, make sure that you look to see what kind of a warranty the unit offers and what the conditions are for the warranty.

The more years that are on the warranty, the less likely that you are going to run into problems with the frame in that length of time, which is definitely something you will want to consider.

Is it important to have a foldable design?

If you move your bed around a lot or move houses a lot, you are definitely going to want to get a frame that has foldable brackets. Most frames go together through the use of bolts, so there will always be some physical labor involved in folding a unit, however, if you can fold up a unit it allows it to be a lot more compact.

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A compact design will make it much easier to move your adjustable bed frame around wherever you need and it will also allow you to store it without taking up all of the room in your storage space.

What should I look for when I am looking at the top bars of a frame?

If you want to get one of the best units on the market in terms of being able to hold a mattress, you are going to want to look for a design that is anti-slide. This means that the bars that go across the length of the unit must be a tad bit lower than that of the very outside of the frame. This will allow the mattress to be able to sit inside of the frame and not slide around when you jump on your bed or move around on your bed.

It is definitely important to make sure that you get a frame where your mattress is going to be secure and this is one of the best ways to check.

What should I look for in terms of storage space under the unit?

Under the bed, one of the best places for people to store all of their junk. If you are looking for a frame and have this in mind, you are going to want to pay attention to the distances that the legs are apart on the underside of a unit.

The further apart the legs are may mean that the unit is less supportive, but if you have stuff that you want to store under the bed, this may be necessary.

Does the unit need a box spring?

One of the best tells for seeing if you are buying a quality unit is to look and see whether the frame you are buying needs a box spring before you can set a mattress on top of it. If the unit needs a box spring then you definitely aren’t getting yourself a quality unit.

The best frames on the market should be capable of working without the use of a box spring to help support the mattress. Often times you will actually see that the manufacturer has stated the amount of weight that a frame can hold up and this is also something to keep your eye out for when you are looking around at frames.

1. Olee Sleep Bed Frame

If you want to get a quality bed frame at a low price point, you should make sure that you take a close look at what this frame has to offer. This is a quality steel frame that comes in four different sizes. The steel design features nice support beams and is more than capable of being able to support a heavy mattress carrying a heavy person or even two depending on your needs.


  •    The unit comes with a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, which is ideal if you want something that will last you for a long time
  •     The unit comes in a twin, full size, queen as well as a king size to suit your needs
  •     The unit has a steel structure and foldable brackets, which makes it easy to take apart and put together
  •    The design has nine points of contact, which allows for a pretty good amount of support and a good amount of storage space underneath the unit
  •    The feet of the unit are designed so that you won’t scratch your floor with the unit
  •    The unit has ledges around the edges so that the mattress won’t slide around
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  •    This is definitely a heavy frame and it can be a pain to move around without taking the product apart first
  •    Steel slats only go one direction, which does offer good support, but not the very best

If you are looking for a heavy duty frame on a budget, you are not going to be disappointed with what you get if you purchase this design.  The design does not have to be used with a box spring and it will definitely keep your mattress from sagging. The product may be a bit of a min to move around, but it is definitely nice that it is designed so that it won’t scratch your floors.  This is definitely a frame to consider if you want lots of storage space underneath and if you have a higher budget for a bed frame.

2. Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame

If you have a moderate budget for a bed frame and you want to get something that offers a lot of support, you may be interested in this design. The product is available in six different size options and you can even get someone to assemble the frame for you if you desire. The unit has a very sturdy design and you don’t need a box spring in order to be able to throw a mattress on top of this frame.


  •    This product incorporates the use of crossed beams, which is ideal in terms of having the maximum amount of support
  •    12 supporting legs on the unit is ideal for making sure that the bed doesn’t move once you get it in place and is also ideal for supporting a large amount of weight
  •    This frame is easy to setup and you don’t actually need to use tools in order to be able to put this frame together
  •    The unit sits 14 inches off the ground allowing you to be able to fit a fair amount of things underneath the bed
  •    Black steel design is meant to be scratch resistant and it is built to be able to last for a long time
  •    Flat surface of the unit helps to keep your mattress in good shape long term


  •    The unit does have a moderate price tag and if you only have a low budget it may be out of reach for you
  •    If you choose to purchase the expert assembly, you don’t get a lot as no tools are required to put this unit together
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If you have the budget for this product and you want to make sure that you get a quality frame, you are going to like the amount of support that this frame has. The frame is capable of holding a mattress without any risk of sagging as there are a ton of cross beams incorporated into the design of this product.

This is definitely a quality frame that is built to last for a long period of time and one that you should consider if you want someone else to install it for you as well.

3. Brooklyn Bedding Frame

If you want a frame that is packed with a ton of support, you are not going to have to look further than this frame. This unit has one of the largest amounts of ground contact points on the market, with a total of 16 different legs helping to support the frame. This unit comes in seven different sizes and the product is actually a foldable design, which is ideal if you want something that you can store when you aren’t using the unit.


  •    The unit is rated to be able to hold up to 3000 pounds with its cross beam design
  •    With a total of 16 legs, this design is definitely not going to be sliding across the room
  •    The unit does not require the use of any tools to set it up
  •    There is no need to use a box spring with this sturdy of a frame
  •    The unit has 13.75 inches of storage clearance underneath, which is ideal for storing larger items
  •    Steel tubing is used rather than wire, which makes for much better support and less chance of a damaged mattress


  •    If you want to attach a headboard or footboard to the unit, you have to purchase an adapter
  •    This is definitely a bit of an expensive frame compared to some other bed frames on the market

As long as you can afford the price of this unit and are looking for an extremely sturdy design, you are not going to be disappointed if you purchase this product. This is a great frame that will have absolutely no problems supporting both a very heavy mattress and a person at the same time.

With a fair amount of storage space underneath the unit and a total of 16 legs, it is hard to go wrong with purchasing something that is this kind of a quality.

To Conclude

We hope that this bed frame article has helped to inform you about all of the options that are available and helped you to realize the things you should look for in a quality frame. There are definitely a lot of frames to choose from on the market so make sure that you compare a few models before making your final decision. Hope you get something that supports your body properly and helps you to be able to get a better sleep.


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