Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you have a bed bug issue and want to get rid of it as fast as possible you may want to consider investing in a bed bug mattress cover.  Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that can eat through a regular bed cover in order to snack on you in the middle of the night. If you want to avoid this happening at all costs one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself from these bugs is to get a bed bug mattress cover.

In order to help you make sure that you get something that is actually going to work properly, we have come up with a buyer’s guide as well as a list of our picks for the top mattress covers on the market so that you can get one that works for your needs.







Hospitology the Original Sleep Defense System



SureGuard Mattress Protectors



Utopia Bedding


What kind of material do I need to look for?

What you may not know about bed bugs is that they are some of the best munching bugs around. These bugs can eat all kinds of different fabric and can even eat through things like plastic, meaning you really have to know what kind of material you are buying in order to make sure that it is bed bug proof.

The best mattress covers on the market are made from heavy duty polyurethane. This is a material that is capable of keeping bed bugs out, you just have to make sure that the cover you are purchasing covers your entire mattress, otherwise, you are still potentially at risk for bed bug issues. Certainly, a bug spray can also solve a problem well.

How do I know what size of a cover I need to buy?

The bed bug mattress cover that you should look at buying should be the exact same size as the size of mattress that you have purchased. If you are unsure about what size of mattress that you have on your current bed, you can measure it with a tape measure in order to figure out what it is. Here is a list of some of the common sizes of mattresses that you will find on the market:

Do I need to purchase something that is allergy-proof?

If you have allergies to things like dust and mold it can definitely be a good idea to get a mattress that is allergy friendly as the materials used in the design are meant to protect you.

If you are sleeping with someone else you may also want to consider what their allergies are when you are making a purchasing decision.  The best thing about an allergy friendly mattress is that it also helps to keep your mattress from absorbing liquids, which can cause allergic reactions.

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These mattresses are great protection from things like sweat, urine and other fluids. If you have a pet, an allergy mattress cover should definitely be something that you should consider.

What kind of a warranty should I expect?

On a mattress cover with bed bug protection, you should expect to get a lengthy warranty. The whole point of a bed bug mattress cover is protection and therefore durability is one of the most key components of this type of mattress cover.

If you want to get the best ones on the market make sure that you look for mattresses with very long warranties or even lifetime warranties.

What other specs should I look for?

If you want to have premium protection from bugs you are going to want to make sure that the mattress cover goes all the way around your mattress. Look for products that say clearly that they are a six-sided cover.

In addition, you should also look to see how the cover goes onto the mattress. Something with a zipper design is going to be more durable and put up a better fight against bed bugs than something that just wraps around your mattress, which is definitely something that you should keep in mind.

Is it important to look for something that is machine washable?

No matter the cover that you purchase, you should always look for something that is machine washable. Even the best mattress cover on the market is going to get dirty over time.

If you don’t care about being sanitary, I guess you may not care if your sheet is washable, but being able to wash your cover in a machine is definitely something you should look for if you want to have convenience.

Another thing that you should check out before you purchase is whether the unit can be put into a dryer to dry off. If you don’t have a clothesline this could be an issue for some people and it may be something that you might want to consider.

How do I know if the product is going to be comfortable?

Some bed bug covers are just a single layer of material, which is not comfortable to lay on top of and you must cover the unit with a separate cover in order to be able to lay on it comfortably. If you want one of the better units on the market, make sure that you look for a unit that has a layer of comfortable fabric on top of the bug proof material as this will allow you to be able to be comfortable without buying a second bed cover.

1. SureGuard Mattress Protectors

If you have a bit of a higher budget for a mattress cover and want to make sure that you get something that is both comfortable as well as in the size that you need, you will want to check out this unit. This is a great mattress protector that sports a hypoallergenic design and uses a zipper design to make sure that bed bugs stay away from your body.

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  •    The mattress comes with a ten-year warranty guarantee so that you can be ensured about the quality of the product
  •     The mattress cover is waterproof so that you can spill stuff on the unit without worry
  •    The six-sided device is ideal for making sure bed bugs stay away
  •    The unit has cotton material on the top portion of the unit so that it is extremely comfortable to lay down on
  •    The cover can be washed as well as dried in a washing machine or dryer if you want
  •    The cover is free of toxic chemicals so that you can sleep peacefully


  •    This unit is a bit more expensive than some of the other units on the market that you will come across

As long as you don’t mind spending some extra money on a mattress cover in order to make sure that you get a quality unit, you may want to consider what this one has to offer. This six-sided design is more than capable of keeping bed bugs out of your bed.

You will love just how comfortable this cover is thanks to its cotton design and the fact that this unit comes in all sorts of different sizes, means that this is a unit that all people should consider if you have the budget for it.

2. Utopia Bedding

If you don’t have an extremely high budget, but still want something that doesn’t sacrifice too much quality, you should definitely make sure that you look at what this product has to offer. The unit comes in all sorts of different sizes and is designed to provide a very comfortable sleeping experience.


  •    The unit has a Velcro zip guard to keep bed bugs from escaping after you get this product on
  •    The unit is made using a stretchable polyester fabric, which is very comfortable to sleep on
  •    There is a waterproof backing on all sides of this product so that you don’t have to worry about spills and cleaning up
  •    The cover is machine washable and you can also dry the cover in the dryer if you desire.
  •    The unit is great for people with allergies as it does as great job of keeping dust mites and our own skin cells out of the mattress, which can cause your allergies to occur
  •    There are no toxic chemicals used in the design of this product, which is good for peace of mind


  •    Cannot use chlorine or bleach with the unit as it will damage the waterproof material that the unit is composed of

If you don’t use harsh chemicals with your laundry, you will have no issues with this awesome bed bug cover. The unit has a lot to offer for the price tag. The fact that it is hypoallergenic and that it is machine washable and dryer friendly makes this unit very convenient.

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This is definitely a quality unit for a low price tag and it is one that you should consider if you are looking for something that is both comfortable and that will do the job of stopping bed bugs in their tracks.

3. Hospitology the Original Sleep Defense System

This is a very popular mattress cover option available on the market. This unit comes in all sorts of different sizes when in stock and it will definitely fit your mattress as long as you make sure you take proper measurements. The unit offers a very comfortable design and even has a pretty good warranty on it, which is good considering the lower price tag of the cover.


  •    This bed cover has a 100% waterproof design, which is great for people who are clumsy
  •    The unit covers all portions of the mattress thanks to the 6 sided design
  •    The mattress cover uses a zipper design, which makes it easy to take on and off as you need
  •    The cover comes with a five-year warranty, which is ideal for making sure that you get something that is going to last
  •    Helps with asthma and respiratory problems thanks to its hypoallergenic design
  •    The unit uses a very soft polyester design on top of the material so that you are comfortable, but not too hot while you sleep
  •    Can be used in the washing machine or in the dryer if you need
  •    You will notice that there are no toxic chemicals used in the design of this product, which is always a nice thing to look for in a unit
  •    The unit is lab tested to ensure quality of the unit
  •    The design is built so that it is noiseless, which is awesome if you like to roll around or move around on your bed


  •    The liquid protector on the unit is not meant to be able to hold large amounts of liquid and may seep through the cover over time.

If you are looking to get a bed cover for a pretty reasonable price tag, this one does have quite a bit to offer. The cover has a flexible design, which is super easy to take off and on according to your needs. If you need a cover solely for liquid protection, then this may not be the best cover for you.

However, if you are looking for a comfortable design capable of killing off bed bugs and that sports a hypoallergenic design, you will definitely be interested in what this product has to offer.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has been an informative article for you and you now feel as though you will be able to find yourself a good quality bed bug mattress cover. It is always important to check for comfortability as well as size before you purchase so that you can make sure you get something that is actually going to work for you. Hope you get rid of those nasty bed bugs soon and enjoy your new bed bug-free mattress cover.


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