Best Bamboo Bed Sheets of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you are looking to get comfortable bed sheets to sleep on, you should definitely think about getting yourself a set of bamboo bed sheets. These sheets are up to twice as soft as the traditional cotton sheet and are much more environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows extremely fast and it is one of the easiest things to harvest.

If you want to be good for the environment and have cooler and more comfortable sheets, you should continue reading. We have come up with a buyer’s guide that you can use in order to be able to pick out the best bamboo bed sheets on the market and we have also made a list of our picks for the top bamboo sheets on the market in order to make it easier for you to be able to find yourself a quality set.







Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets



Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha



Cosy House Bamboo Bed Sheets


Bamboo bed sheet size

The most important thing to make sure of when you are buying a set of sheets is to make sure that you are buying the right size. Different mattresses and even different pillows are different sizes and you are going to need to make sure that you buy the right size to fit all of your things.

A quality company will have a variety of sizes available at the checkout that you can choose from. Make sure that you either measure your mattress to check the size or look at the tag/ bill of your mattress so that you know which size of sheets you need to purchase. Improper sized sheets are going to make for a wrinkly, uncomfortable sleep so it is extremely important to make sure that you do this before making a purchase.

Bamboo bed sheet colors

If you already have blankets and/or other parts of your bedroom in place, you are going to want to look to see how many colors the bed sheets come in. The best manufacturers will offer a variety of color options that you can choose from at the checkout to match your bedroom’s style.

One thing that you may want to consider when choosing a color is the color of your own hair or the color of your pet’s hair if you let them onto your bed. Getting a bed sheet that masks the color of hair can be beneficial to both you and your pets. You are both bound to shed some hair and it definitely isn’t as nice when you have to look at it all the time.

Bamboo bed sheet quality

It can be quite hard to determine the quality of a sheet without actually sleeping on it, but there are a few ways that you can tell if the quality is lacking.

First of all, you need to look at the company from which you are purchasing the sheets from and make sure that they are legitimate and create quality products on a regular basis.

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After this, you can check to see if the unit comes with a warranty, which can give you a good idea as to how long you can expect your sheets to be able to last for. If you are still unsure, you may want to see if they have any environmental statistics or facts about their sheets available that compete with other brands.

It is a good idea to check out a few options before making a purchasing decision so you can have a grasp as to what all is available to you.

Pieces in the set

If you want to make sure that your bed is properly covered with bamboo sheets, you are going to want to check to see how many pieces are in the bamboo bed sheets that you are looking at. The more sheets that are in the unit, the longer the set is likely to last you.

Checking the number of products that you get and comparing the price of the unit to the quantities of products in a set is also the only accurate way to compare pricing from unit to unit.

Generally, you are going to find that a four piece set is the most standard, but in your search, it is likely that you are going to come across some smaller and some larger sets as well. The more the merrier as long as quality doesn’t get diminished along the way.

Bamboo content

Some bamboo bed sheets are not entirely made out of a bamboo construction and in fact, contain only a certain percent of bamboo. This could be a deal breaker for you if you are really set on getting an environmentally friendly design, but it does change the texture of the sheet and this may appeal to some people as a result. You may want to check before purchasing your bamboo bedding if the sheets are machine washable.

Depending on if they are combined with other materials in their design, you may find that some of the sheets available cannot be washed, which is not very convenient and it may be something that you should consider when you are deciding which product you want to purchase.

Hypoallergenic and stain resistance

If you are looking to get something that is of a high quality, you are going to want to look to see if the product has stain resistance and a hypoallergenic design.

Generally, most purely bamboo sheets will contain both of these features, but when you get into mixed materials sometimes you may find that these are lacking. If you have allergies or something like a pet then these features may be a bigger deal to you than other people, but either way it is important to be aware that these features are available to you if you choose the right product.

 1. Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

If you don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on bed sheets and still want to get a bamboo design, this cheap option may just be the sheets you have been searching for.

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Although these sheets may not come in every size option available, they do come in most of the standard sizes and therefore fit most beds. The unit comes in a wide variety of color options and is a really good option for someone looking to save some money and who wants a luxurious looking bed.


  •    The unit uses 40 percent Bamboo and 60 percent microfiber in its design
  •    The unit is hypoallergenic and stain resistant, which is great considering the materials that make up the unit
  •    The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to give you peace of mind with your purchase
  •    The four piece set is machine washable
  •    The sheets are more durable than that of a cotton design
  •    12 different color options are available at the checkout that you can choose from


  •    The unit is not purely a bamboo design
  •    Due to the mix of materials, this unit is hotter than that of a purely bamboo design

As long as you aren’t someone looking for a bamboo design in order to be able to sleep without sweating as much, you are going to like what these sheets have to offer. This affordable design is both comfortable to sleep on and quite durable.

Even though a mix of materials are used to create this design the manufacturer managed to keep the product hypoallergenic and stain resistant. This is a great purchase for someone on a budget so long as it comes in a size that works for your mattress.

2. Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha

If you want to go all in on bamboo and get one of the nicest sets on the market, you should make sure that you take a look at what this manufacturer has to offer.

This is an extremely nice bamboo set that comes in a variety of standard sizes so that you can have the proper fit. The unit is available in a few different color options and comes with a pretty nice warranty, which helps to make up for the higher price tag of this product.


  •    The set comes in five different color options at the checkout, which makes it relatively easy to find something you like
  •    The unit is made to be up to three degrees cooler to sleep on than that of a cotton sheet
  •    Extra deep pockets on the unit will keep the corners of the sheets in place so you don’t have to worry about your sheet rolling up on you while you sleep
  •    The unit is lightweight in design and actually has a thread count, which has been calculated by the company in order to provide optimum softness and breathability
  •    This manufacturer offers a quality guarantee on the unit that lasts for a lifetime and they will exchange the product for you if you need
  •    Repels odors and allergens naturally
  •    Chemicals are not used in the design, which can give you some peace of mind


  •    The unit has a high price tag, which may be out of reach for some people
  •    Does not come in every single mattress size available, which means that the unit might not be a perfect fit for your mattress
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As long as the size options and the high price tag of this unit aren’t a problem for you, you are definitely going to be thrilled with what you get when you purchase this unit.

You may only get a four piece set of bed sheets, buy you get one of the most comfortable sets on the market. The lifetime warranty on this unit really helps to emphasize the kind of quality that you are buying when you purchase this set. This is definitely one to think over if you can afford to purchase it.

3. Cosy House Bamboo Bed Sheets

If you are looking for a plain sheet set and want to get something with a partial bamboo design, you may want to check out what this one is all about. This unit comes in a wide array of color options and it comes in four different sizes.

The unit uses a bamboo, microfiber blend in its design in order to offer you a comfortable sleep without the price tag of a purely bamboo design.


  •    The unit is capable of being washed in a washing machine if you desire
  •    Strong elastic in the design of this unit will allow it to stay on your bed without wrinkling up
  •    Lifetime satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer is amazing to have at this low of a price tag
  •    The unit has tightly knit threads, which offer an anti-rip design
  •    Hypoallergenic design is great for people who have allergy issues
  •    The measurements are given for the pillows, which is good so that you can make sure everything will fit properly


  •    The unit isn’t resistant to stains so it may not be the best to purchase this unit if you have pets or beverages in bed regularly
  •    Microfiber design does add some warmth to the sheets

As long as you don’t need a stain resistant design and as long as you are okay with the size options that are available it is likely that you are going to be a fan of this product. The four-piece design is very good for its low price tag and with a lifetime warranty on the sheets, it is really hard to beat the comfort and durability that this set has to offer.

This is definitely a top notch budget-friendly design and one that you may want to think about when you are making your bed sheet decision.

To Conclude

After going through our article, we hope that you now feel as though you have a better grasp on what bamboo sheets are all about. These are very comfortable sheets as long as you follow some criteria when purchasing them. By no means is it easy to pick out things like colors and features for sheets, but it is very important as you will be sleeping on it each and every night. Best of luck in your search and hope that you find yourself an awesome set of bed sheets.


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