Best Adjustable Beds of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you are looking to get a bed that allows you to wake up in the morning without being sore the next day, you may just be interested in picking up an adjustable bed design. These types of beds are ideal for people who have muscle and joint pain and require different sleeping conditions in order to have a proper sleep.

Adjustable beds are among the best type of beds as far as support goes as they allow you to specifically be able to support the areas of your body that need it the most. So that you will be able to get the best possible sleeping experience after buying one of these units, we have developed a list of criteria that you can use in order to narrow down your options. We have also created a list of our picks for the best adjustable beds on the market so that you can see what good quality beds are available and choose something that works for you.







Adjustables by Leggett & Platt S-Cape



Classic Brands Adjustable



Adjustables by Leggett & Platt Simplicity


Buyer’s Guide:

What sort of a budget do I need in order to be able to pick up the best adjustable bed?

If you want to get one of the best adjustable beds on the market, you are going to have to pay a fair chunk of money for it, especially if it is of a decent size. Usually larger sizes are much more expensive as you need to have separate or larger massage and lift systems build into the designs of these larger beds, which results in both a higher cost for the manufacturer as well as for you.

What kinds of features can I expect to find in the best adjustable beds?

In the best adjustable beds, you should expect to find the ability to be able to move both the head and feet positions of the mattress to suit your tastes. You should also expect to find in high-end models that this adjustment is done via a remote so that you don’t have to get out of bed in order to be able to change the slope of the bed.

Most of the time an adjustable bed will come with some kind of a remote stand, which you can place the remote in when you aren’t using the device. Another common feature for an adjustable bed is a dual massage, which massages both your head as well as your feet with different levels of intensity, which can usually be changed directly on the remote.

What kind of a warranty should I expect to be able to get for an adjustable bed?

You should expect that you will be able to pick up a pretty lengthy warranty if you grab yourself an adjustable bed. This is due to the high price tag that these products possess.

Since these products have such a high price tag that goes along with them, the manufacturers for these products like to attach every little thing they can in order to entice someone to buy one of their products and a long warranty is among the things that you should expect to get.

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Is weight capacity something that I need to pay attention to?

If you are planning to buy a larger bed, you should actually probably pay attention to the weight capacity of the unit. The thing about adjustable beds is that the weight capacity that they give for the unit actually does not include a mattress.

Mattresses and box springs together can weight quite a bit and when combined with the weight of two people on top of that, you may find that you are approaching the weight limit that is set for the unit depending on the mattress that you have. You don’t want to go over the weight limit as it can cause damage and injury so it is definitely important to be aware that this exists and to make sure you are well within the boundaries.

What size of a bed should I be buying?

The size of bed you are buying is mostly only going to be an issue if you have a small budget or a small door that you are trying to fit the bed through.

Other than that, you really shouldn’t have much else in the way of issues when going from a small bed to something that is larger in size. One thing that you may want to take into account when you are deciding on which bed you should purchase is if you have two people that are going to be sleeping in the one bed. Different manufacturers design their beds differently for two people than others.

You will come across some designs that have a split in the middle of the bed so that one side can change the level of adjustment without affecting the other. Other manufacturers will make a flat bed with only one option for adjustment meaning that the other partner in your bed is not going to be able to choose the position that they want to sleep in for the night.

If I am looking for something as luxurious as possible, what should I be on the lookout for?

If you are looking for the best of the best as far as luxury goes, you should be on the lookout for something that has multiple different massage intensity levels. If you are buying a bed that has a split in it and different adjustment options for either side of the bed, you should be on the lookout for something with different levels of massage for either side of the bed, the advantage of this is that you may be overweight and the other is side sleeper, and you can all sleep well together.

Another cool luxury that you may want to be on the lookout for in an adjustable bed is a bed side station, which allows you to be able to plug USB ports or your device directly into the unit so that you can charge it while you sleep.

Product Reviews:

1. Adjustables by Leggett & Platt S-Cape

If you are looking for an adjustable bed in the medium budget range and want to get something that is of a good quality, you should have a look at this design. This is a unit that comes in five different size options and is designed for comfort. The unit is very easy to setup and it is more than capable of being able to hold your mattress in one place regardless of the movement that the unit is capable of performing.

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  •    The unit has a quiet motor in it so that you can adjust the unit without waking up
  •    A weight capacity for each size of this bed is given so that you can be sure you are within the weight boundaries set by the manufacturer
  •    The unit comes with a generous 25-year warranty, which is awesome for the price of the unit
  •    This adjustable bed is capable of dual massage and has an on/off button so that you can easily control the unit
  •    The bed comes with a stand-up remote stand, which is back lit so that you can see it in the dark
  •    Gray upholstery on the unit is eye appealing and works in most environments
  •    There is a bar on the end of the bed, which helps hold the mattress in place and keeps it from sliding around


  •    The unit only has the option of coming in a split queen and king meaning you can’t exactly sleep next to the person you want to unless you are on the same adjustment level

So long as sleeping directly next to the person you want to be is not a huge issue for you, you are going to be pleased with this unit. This bed is available in five different size options, which is great as it means it can fit in almost any spot in the room that you need. The unit is easy to setup and this adjustable bed is a lot cheaper than some of the other more expensive options on the market, without lacking too much in the way of features. If you are looking to pick up a moderately priced unit, you should make sure that you take a good look at this design before deciding what you want to pick up.

2. Classic Brands Adjustable

This is another averagely priced adjustable bed design that you might be interested in purchasing. The design is a classic gray and comes in three different sized options that you can choose from at the checkout. This unit is capable of a lot of adjustment and does not come in a size larger than a queen, which is something that you may want to know before diving into the finer specs of the unit.


  •    This bed has programmable positions in its design, which is great for repeat sleepers in the bed
  •    The unit three speed vibration massagers for both the head and feet, which makes it an extremely comfortable design
  •    The device has two USB ports, which is perfect for charging your devices in
  •    Three leg height options, which is ideal for proper circulation and comfort
  •    The unit is easy to assemble, which is great for the price tag of the product
  •    The unit adjusts quietly, which is ideal for when you are tired or if other people are sleeping close by
  •    Weight limits for the bed are given, which is great for making sure you stay within safe boundaries
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  •    The unit does not come in a size that is larger than a queen
  •    Some units on the market have more massage options than this bed has in its design

If you want an adjustable bed for a decent price, you should check out this unit. Definitely a unit that is packed with features and that is extremely safe to sleep on. If you have an average budget and think you can afford this bed then this unit is definitely worth an extra look.

3. Adjustables by Leggett & Platt Simplicity

If you have a high budget for a unit and want to pick up a large bed or are interested in the moderately priced medium sized beds this company offers, you should definitely check them out. This company packs a lot into their products for the price and they are known for their high quality builds and cool features.


  •    The design comes with a wireless remote, which means you don’t have to worry about a tangled mess
  •    The unit has two memory settings in its design, which is ideal for sleeping, two people
  •    The bed is capable of going to a zero gravity mode, which is great for circulation purposes and may help you sleep
  •    The bed comes with a long 25-year warranty on it, which can give you some peace of mind with the higher price tag
  •    The bed is made in the U.S.A.
  •    Both feet, as well as head massagers, are built into the design of this unit


  •    This bed does come with a higher price than some of the other models, which may make it out of your budget

If you can afford to pay the high budget price that this bed comes with or you just like the brand and want a smaller bed, this manufacturer has a lot to offer. The units are capable of a full range of massages for your head and feet and you can easily pick out the intensity level that you like. With the ability to be able to save your sleeping position and, if you buy a larger bed, the ability to be able to adjust your own side of the bed, it is hard to not be comfortable sleeping on one of these designs. If you can afford one of these units, you should definitely make sure that you consider it and all its amazing features before taking it off of the table.

To Conclude:

We hope this article has helped to teach you some things about adjustable beds and that you will be able to narrow down your options. There are so many beds available in the marketplace and so many different price points available. Always make sure that you know what sorts of features are the most important to you and then you will be able to be much more effective at narrowing down your options. All the best to you in your search for the best adjustable bed and hope you get something great!


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