About Us

Did you know that you spend a third of your life in bed? Did you also know that lack of enough sleep is a serious disorder causing major road and work related accidents? It is imperative that you get a good nights sleep each day so that you are well rested and recharged for the next day. We are a product review website aiming at giving our readers’ comprehensive products reviews for bed and mattress. We work around the clock so that you have time to rest. Our reviews are not only comprehensive but they are true and based only on true facts.

Why do we do what we do?This website was born out of the passion for giving you better sleep and rest so you can be able to have a good and productive day. Medical research has shown that you can survive for three times longer without food than without food. It is the passion for giving you a healthy life that has led us here. Our only mission is to ensure that you always get prime sleep. Here are the other reasons why we are in operation.-Keep people healthy – your health and more so your productivity is highly determined by how well you rest. We are keen to ensure that you are always rested and have had enough sleep.- So you can make informed decisions – our reviews ensure that you really know the product before you purchase it. They are comprehensive and true.- To influence quality – with honest and independent reviews derived from our website, businesses and manufacturers alike can take it upon themselves to improve the quality of products they produce and stock.- Enhance or change consumer rules – with the data gathered from our unbiased and comprehensive consumer reviews we can be able to guide the rule makers so that they can make rules that will favor you the consumer during purchase and use of the bed and mattress products.- To enhance sharing of information – we encourage and provide an easy way platform for consumers to share their genuine information about the products they have used and how they have affected their lives.

Why should you trust our reviews?We know there are many other websites out there giving product reviews on bed and mattress products. We, however, consider our website to be the best because we provide you with the best information on bed and mattress products. Here is why you should always read our reviews.Professionalism – we will only give a review of a product that we have tested thoroughly and therefore know what is good about the product and what is not. We then courageously and with pride pass on this information to our readers. – Consumer reviews – we allow people who have used the same product before to give their independent review of the product. This coupled with our professional review of the product will allow you make the most informed decision on whether to purchase that particular product.- Unbiased – we do not have a favorite brand or product we are meant to advertise to you.- Independent – we do not accept any kind of compensation from any brand to give an unbiased review of their products. We will always provide you with independent reviews.

You can always trust us for your unbiased and independent consumer reviews because we work hard so you can rest.